Cama elevadora levantada 1,875m x 1,125m x 0,45m

Cama elevadora levantada1,875m x 1,125m x 0,45m

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Un bancal de siembra con un tamaño fantástico que se puede usar para prácticamente cualquier tipo de cultivo. Su verdadera ventaja es la altura adicional, la cual evita forzar la espalda y también permite que se pueda cultivar desde una silla (de ruedas). Además de ser a prueba de conejos y adecuado para un estanque, quedaría muy bien solo o colocado a lo largo de una cerca en la que guiar enredaderas y arbustos más altos.

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Jardinera de paso largo / 3,75m x 0,75m x 0,45m


Cama elevada Rectangular / 1,5m x 1,125m x 0,35m

Información adicional

Información adicional

Nombre Cama elevadora levantada / 1,875m x 1,125m x 0,45m
SKU (Número de Referencia) SKU000774
Ideal para: Anti-conejos, Flores, Vegetales
Largo aproximado 1.875m
Ancho aproximado 1.125m
Alto 0.45
STOCK en stock
3 Reseñas
  • Smart way to build raised beds

    • Great system. Clever use of dowels to lock the prefab blocks together. Good customer service on the phone. Reason for 4 stars is that the instructions were general and not quite to the 3 type of raised beds ordered. Downloaded the drawings and managed fine to build.

      After building the small one, we laid out the first layer, and with string set out where to take off the turf. After taking the turf out we built the bed. Some predrilled holes were drilled too large but using Duct tape on the dowel it fitted fine. The drawings were general but we downloaded the right drawing for this bed from the website. Finished having a great looking bed. Now just received top soil to fill it with layer of compost and soil.

  • Excellent company

    • Lovely company, impressively quick delivery, good delivery man. Pity the shrink wrap is not recyclable (although they are working on it and offer for you to return it to them for re-use (hard to see how!).

      Looks lovely. I printed off the instructions which contain helpful tips in words (not just pictures) and once you have the bottom layer level, it is relatively easy to put together. Very glad I watched the video and purchased some builders sand ahead of delivery, and the dowel cutter is really good. It is not really 'light', after all it is wood in smaller pieces, but carrying the parts up the garden is manageable, just be patient! I found that 3 layers is sufficient and hope to make a smaller bed with the left overs (as I had purchased for 4 layers). The finished article is great.

  • An amazing product which speaks quality

    • Excellent from initial order with the clear web site to delivery and building the planter. All instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The product is outstanding and I am very pleased with the final result

      It is very well made and the instructions are clear and concise. The product looks really good in place. A quality product.

    • Thank you so much for your excellent feedback! 


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