Estrecho jardín elevado cama 1,5 x 0,45 x 0,45m

Estrecho jardín elevado cama1,5 x 0,45 x 0,45m

Precio: 220,00 €

Precio: 0,00 €

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Este popular bancal de jardín elevado rectangular es perfecto para colocarlo al pie de una cerca o un muro, para plantar árboles y arbustos; quizá enredaderas o árboles frutales y arbustos que podrían ser guiados a lo largo de la pared o de una valla. A prueba de conejos.

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Slim Raised Bed CGI

Cama delgada levantada / 1,875 x 0,75 x 0,45m

Información adicional

Información adicional

Nombre Estrecho jardín elevado cama / 1,5 x 0,45 x 0,45m
SKU (Número de Referencia) SKU00022
Ideal para: Anti-conejos, Desbrozo sencillo, Flores, Vegetales
Largo aproximado 1.5m
Ancho aproximado 0.45m
Alto 0.45
STOCK en stock
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  • Narrow Raised Garden Bed / 1.5 x 0.45 x 0.45m Review

    • Had a problem with the carrier not delivering on the specified day. You contacted them and gave them my instruction on where to put the pallet when they delivered the next day.

      The product was good but there was no build instruction. The general one was confusing, luckily you could take them apart so I worked it out logically! As per the small planter they took paint very well and look great.

  • great product,looks good and overall very satisfied

    • delivery was on schedule though tracking had to be checked by phone. instructions had 4 ground fixings but only 2 supplied; checked again by phone. advice readily supplied, staff very helpful. product very substantial and fairly straightforward to construct

      great product looks good and fairly straightforward construction

  • Good service marred by misleading advertising

    • The product I ordered was delivered promptly and efficiently. The ordering process was straightforward but I was disappointed to find that my order was too small too qualify for free delivery - the flyer from which I learned of the product did state this but in VERY SMALL PRINT. This annoyed me and would discourage me from recommending WoodBlocX.

      The product is good with comprehensive and clear instructions for assembly. However the assembly process requires some skill, particularly in preparing a perfectly level surface on which to build it, otherwise it becomes increasingly difficult to slot the parts together.

  • Relatively easy, but time consuming to put 1st box together, but result is impressive. 2nd…

    • Relatively easy, but time consuming to put 1st box together, but result is impressive. 2nd box much quicker.


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