Camas elevadas hecho a la medida

Camas elevadashecho a la medida

Con los bancales elevados, cajones y jardineras de WoodBlocX redescubrirás el placer de la jardinería. Nuestros kits pueden ayudarte a construir bancales elevados que son hermosos y prácticos, proporcionándote altura adicional, y aportando forma y estructura a tu espacio al aire libre.



Las camas elevadas galardonadas de WoodBlocX le brindan la posibilidad de elegir cualquier cama elevada de forma o tamaño exclusivamente para adaptarse a su jardín. Nuestras camas elevadas son fáciles de construir y no requieren herramientas pesadas o de potencia para construir. Hechas de madera de origen sostenible, están certificadas orgánicas por la Soil Association. Garantizamos a todos nuestros BlocX durante 15 años como mínimo contra fallas estructurales y son adecuados para sentarse en cualquier superficie, incluidas las pendientes.

Una vez que su pedido ha sido finalizado, no tendrá que esperar mucho; la entrega generalmente se realiza en un plazo de 3 a 4 días hábiles.

Descubra lo fácil que es usar WoodBlocX para hacer sus propias camas elevadas. Tu también puedes:

  • Use la calculadora a continuación para configurar su cama elevada
  • Explore nuestros populares kits prediseñados
  • Ofrecemos un servicio de diseño a medida gratuito en todos los kits, sin importar cuán pequeño o grande sea el proyecto
  • o simplemente complete el formulario de contacto
407 Reseñas
  • Great product, excellent service

    • Have used Woodblocx a few times and have always found them helpful with a Great product

      Order exactly what i needed

  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Rectangular - Length 2.7m x Width 0.45m x Height 0.45m Review

    • Order process was straightforward, delivery was on time and all parts of order were included (the bag of sweets was a nice touch and enjoyed once the project was completed)

      Excellent product, easy to assemble once the first layer is level (very important) and the finished article is exactly what I wanted. Would recommend.

  • Highly Recommended

    • Highly recommended , when I had problems or questions these were answered promptly . As for the product it smells lovely - not put it together yet but am looking forward to doing so . Also have 2 pallets to do what I like with - bliss !!

      Almost all perfect and the damaged piece was quickly replaced and what a smell - beautiful

  • Very satisfied

    • Fantastic product, very fast delivery, clear instructions and very easy to assemble.

      Fantastic product and easy to assemble

  • Brilliant, Fantastic, perfect.

    • I was absolutely delighted to receive my WoodBlocX order. With the help of my friend I (76 year old lady) put the large 8ft diameter circular flower bed together in exactly 2 hours. Everyone has been commenting on it and several people have said they would like something similar.

      There was actually only one order. I've already commented.

  • A blocking manoeuvre...

    • The wood blocks arrived safely and on the day promised, with the pallet being delivered to where I needed it in the drive so I could then transfer them to the back garden.

      The raised bed we chose was an octagonal one from the made to measure choices. It is about 1.65m diameter and 35cm tall, comprising three levels plus capping blocks. Construction is straightforward, but it is advisable to follow the instructions given; the blocks interlock like brickwork does, with plastic expanding dowels holding the entire structure firm and rigid. Long steel spikes anchor four opposite faces to prevent movement during construction and afterwards. The capacity of the raised bed is 30 bags of topsoil at 25litres per bag.

    • Wonderful Thank you

  • Fantastic product, easy assembly, looks fab, super customer service

    • Huge variety of options and sizes, something to suit every garden and budget. Good value for money and when I called the service team to ask a couple of questions, they couldn’t have done more to help, thank you so much.

      Really easy to assemble (2 of us managed it in a day, the hottest on record!) The finished product looks amazing and is already growing beautiful veggies.

    • Fantastic we are always happy to help with any questions

  • Great product, excellent service!

    • Good quality. Simple-to-use website in ordering the goods. Delivered as stated - and the delivery man was extremely helpful. More than satisfied with the finished product! Thank you! I've used Woodblocx on a number of occasions and have never been anything other than entirely satisfied - and always found them very helpful

      A brilliant way to use an awkward corner of the garden!

    • Wonderful Thank you we really do appreciate your feedback

  • Simply Braw!

    • Can’t fault. Great product great service and prompt delivery. Great instructions. Just wish I could have afforded more blox!!

      👍 As ordered and so simple to put together. Excellent! (Wished I could have afforded to build it a bit higher say 0.6m (not 0.45m)

    • Excellent Thank you for your feedback hopefully hear from you in the future

  • Good product

    • Arrived on time with everything contained in the package. Lots of spare pegs and all the necessary parts included.

      Clear instructions and straightforward to assemble. Good looking and looks expensive when built. Prepare the ground properly before building the raised bed. If you had lego as a child, this is an adult version for outdoors.

    • Thanks for your kind feedback. Always great to hear that our customers like our products!

  • Great pond..

    • Excellent product but disappointing website information regarding the pond liners. Because of this didn't get my discount. Love my pond though it's lovely. Would recommend but clarify some of the information on the website..

      Great product so easy to fit together..

  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Standard Rectangular - Length 0.75m x Width 0.75m x Height 0.65m Review

    • Fantastic service and product

      Fantastic service and product

    • Thank you

  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Rectangular - Length 3m x Width 2.025m x Height 0.25m Review

    • Everything. The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable as was the deliveryman

      just did in last question

    • Wonderful Thank you for your feedback

  • Raised Wooden Garden Ponds / Made to Measure / Standard Single Skin Pond - Length 1.5m x Width 1.5m x Height 0.45m Review

    • Easy to order and prompt no hassle delivery

      Easy to assemble Only problem I had was when I ordered I thought that size was going to the internal measurement

    • Perfect Thank you

  • Happy on the whole but disappointed with capping

    • Happy with the easy way that the product fitted together, once base level had been levelled off, which took some time. Only disappointment is that the capping pieces are showing some surface cracking within days of fitting and don't seem to fit together all that straight.

      Happy with product only disappointment is that within days of fitting capping it was showing surface splitting on several pieces and they dont really fit flush together.

  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Standard Rectangular - Length 2.625m x Width 1.5m x Height 0.45m Review

    • Definitely recommend - I now have 10 large planters.

      I now have 10 large beds, all on patios. From early last year (2018) to the one last week ! Like the ease of construction, as well as finish.

    • wonderful Thank you for your feedback

  • Retaining Garden Wall / Made to Measure / C Wall - Length1 5.25m x Length2 1.05m x Length3 2.025m x Height 0.35m Review

    • Very good guide to ordering. Goods arrived in good time and condition, despite travelling over 600 miles!

      Very cleverly designed & went together well. Timber well chosen and preserved.

    • Thank you for your feedback. As the song goes But I would walk ( in this case drive ) 500 miles and I would walk 500 more Just to be the person to deliver to your door

  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Rectangular - Length 3m x Width 1.95m x Height 0.45m Review

    • Product looks quality when built but concentrate when erecting as it could be easy to go wrong.

      Great quality and looks good in the garden

    • Thank you

  • A great product with great service,

    • Our second purchase of this excellent product, made such a difference to the garden, might even be back for a third purchase,

      Great product and service

    • Excellent Thank you for your feedback we look forward to possibly your third order

  • Raised Beds / Made to Measure / Standard Rectangular - Length 1.875m x Width 0.75m x Height 0.35m Review

    • Excellent quality product, easy to assemble

      Excellent product, easy to assemble

    • Thank you


Gastos de envío

Si tu pedido es superior a 400 € el envío es gratuito.
Si tu pedido es inferior a 400 € el envío tiene un coste fijo de 50 €.


El plazo de entrega es de 4-5 días laborables y el envío llega en un palé.

La entrega normalmente se efectúa el día, o un día antes o después de la fecha seleccionada en el momento de la compra. Nuestros mensajeros realizan las entregas entre las 9.00 h y las 17.00 h de lunes a viernes (excepto festivos).

En algunos casos la entrega puede retrasarse por circunstancias ajenas a nuestra voluntad. Te aconsejamos elegir una fecha de entrega unos días antes de empezar tu obra, por si acaso.

Actualmente, no podemos proporcionar información de seguimiento para su pedido, ya que los artículos se envían en un palé. Estamos trabajando para implementar un sistema de seguimiento lo antes posible. Si tienes cualquier pregunta sobre tu entrega, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros en [email protected]

No hace falta firmar para recibir la entrega del palé y si no estás en casa, podemos dejarlo en un lugar seguro acordado de antemano.

Para más información, consulta nuestra página sobre envíos.



Elija su forma:


m / Imperial - 1ft 2.76in


m / Imperial - 1ft 2.76in


Ingrese la altura directamente o use el control deslizante para ajustar en incrementos de tamaño BlocX de 100 mm / 0.1 m. Diferentes alturas tienen diferentes beneficios para usted es cama elevada.

m / Imperial - 1ft 1.78in
  • Adecuado para floresAdecuado para flores
  • Adecuado para verdurasAdecuado para verduras
  • Fácil escardaFácil escarda
  • Conejo a pruebaConejo a prueba
  • Bueno para la espaldaBueno para la espalda


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Capping-02-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-02-R45°-S 0
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Capping-03-L45°-R45° 0
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Capping-03-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-03-R45°-S 0
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Taponamiento 3SR45 0
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Capping-04-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-04-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-04-L45°-S 0
Capping-04-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-04-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-04-R45°-S 0
Capping-04-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 4SR45 0
Taponamiento 4SS 0
Capping-05-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-05-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-05-L45°-S 0
Capping-05-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-05-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-05-R45°-S 0
Capping-05-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 5SR45 0
Taponamiento 5SS 0
Capping-06-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-06-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-06-L45°-S 0
Capping-06-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-06-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-06-R45°-S 0
Capping-06-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 6SR45 0
Taponamiento 6SS 0
Capping-07-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-07-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-07-L45°-S 0
Capping-07-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-07-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-07-R45°-S 0
Capping-07-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 7SR45 0
Taponamiento 7SS 0
Capping-08-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-08-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-08-L45°-S 0
Capping-08-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-08-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-08-R45°-S 0
Capping-08-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 8SR45 0
Taponamiento 8SS 0
Capping-09-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-09-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-09-L45°-S 0
Capping-09-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-09-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-09-R45°-S 0
Capping-09-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 9SR45 0
Taponamiento 9SS 0
Capsular 10L22R22 0
Capping-10-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-10-L45°-S 0
Capping-10-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-10-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-10-R45°-S 0
Capping-10-S-L45° 0
Capping-10-S-R45° 0
Taponamiento 10SS 0
Capping-11-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-11-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-11-L45°-S 0
Capping-11-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-11-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-11-R45°-S 0
Capping-11-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 11SR45 0
Taponamiento 11SS 0
Capping-12-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-12-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-12-L45°-S 0
Capping-12-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-12-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-12-R45°-S 0
Capping-12-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 12SR45 0
Taponamiento 12SS 0
Capping-13-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-13-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-13-L45°-S 0
Capping-13-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-13-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-13-R45°-S 0
Capping-13-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 13SR45 0
Taponamiento 13SS 0
Capping-14-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-14-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-14-L45°-S 0
Capping-14-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-14-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-14-R45°-S 0
Capping-14-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 14SR45 0
Taponamiento 14SS 0
Capping-15-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-15-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-15-L45°-S 0
Capping-15-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-15-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-15-R45°-S 0
Capping-15-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 15SR45 0
Taponamiento 15SS 0
Capping-16-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-16-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-16-L45°-S 0
Capping-16-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-16-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-16-R45°-S 0
Capping-16-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 16SR45 0
Taponamiento 16SS 0
Capping-17-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-17-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-17-L45°-S 0
Capping-17-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-17-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-17-R45°-S 0
Capping-17-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 17SR45 0
Taponamiento 17SS 0
Capping-18-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-18-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-18-L45°-S 0
Capping-18-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-18-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-18-R45°-S 0
Capping-18-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 18SR45 0
Taponamiento 18SS 0
Capping-19-L22°-R22° 0
Capping-19-L45°-R45° 0
Capping-19-L45°-S 0
Capping-19-L7°-R7° 0
Capping-19-R45°-L45° 0
Capping-19-R45°-S 0
Capping-19-S-L45° 0
Taponamiento 19SR45 0
Taponamiento 19SS 0
Taponamiento 20SS 0
Punto de tierra 0
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