Cama Multi Nivel Elevada 3,024 x 0,949 x 0,45m

Cama Multi Nivel Elevada3,024 x 0,949 x 0,45m

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Un elemento principal con dos atracciones laterales, esta espacioso parterre se puede usar para exhibiciones florales, una huerta, una pieza central de césped... lo que se te ocurra. Hazlo más interesante con esta original forma.

¿No es exactamente lo que estabas buscando? También ofrecemos un servicio de diseño a medida gratuito si buscas algo totalmente único, sin importar lo pequeño o grande que sea.

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Información adicional

Información adicional

Nombre Cama Multi Nivel Elevada / 3,024 x 0,949 x 0,45m
SKU (Número de Referencia) SKU0930051016
Country of Manufacture No
STOCK en stock
Ideal para: Desbrozo sencillo, Flores, Parte trasera, Vegetales
Forma ó ángulos 45°
Largo aproximado 3m
Ancho aproximado 0.75m
Alto 0.45
  • Excellent customer service

    • I am very happy with it. The neighbours have said how lovely it looks as it is in my front garden and they as well as some friends have asked where it was from. My kit was missing some blocks which was annoying so I pinging off an email and as it was a Sunday I thought I would have to wait a while but the missing parts were despatched on the Sunday within a very short time. I had the parts within a few days so I can’t fault that kind of customer service.

      Love this kit! Looks very smart and I just need to work out what to plant in it.

  • A great innovative idea and great quality.

    • Seem a really helpful company and the wood is of good quality. I did find putting together the first raised bed I bought, quite a challenge. It incorporated a hexagonal type shape with many different angles and it would have been much simpler to construct if the different pieces were labelled/marked with their number or colour as I got many of them mixed up to begin with. I also started to build it too close to a fence and then discovered that the finishing top panels were wider so I had not allowed enough space at the back. Plus I found with this particular shape, there was really no margin for error resulting in some corners not being quite true/correct. Overall though I think it's an excellent product and I am now expecting my second raised bed but have purchased a simple rectangle this time!

  • Multi Level Raised Bed / 3.024 x 0.949 x 0.45m Review

    • Delivery was excellent. Customer service very courteous. Product excellent.

    • Thank you for such great feedback, we really appreciate your comments.

  • Great Product.

    • Great Service and looks great. Easy to Build

      Great Product and looks great and easy to Build

  • Multi Level Raised Bed / 3.024 x 0.949 x 0.45m Review

    • Delivery complete and on time.

      Product as expected and fairly straight-forward to assemble with a bit of planning.

    • Thank you

  • Want to spruce up the garden? Use WoodBlocx!

    • Excellent first time WoodBlocxer! Ordered a bed that suited my garden after a number of questions regarding size, requirements, how it works etc. I had excellent service/advice from the team and the bed was ordered. Delivery was quick, intact and no damage on a pallet left outside the house as per my request. Fitting initially was a challenge only because of not reading instructions and doing it somewhat late so light was always an issue. Once we got into it, it was really easy with only a few blocks near the top not wanting to go in easily and with that comment, what I mean is it took 3-4 more hits - nothing at all a showstopper. End product - looks brilliant! It's been a few months now and now fits in perfectly in the garden. Will be back for more - just not sure what I want to do yet.

      Most of it's above but ... In comparison, we were initially going for sleepers and a gardener to do it all. Quotes came in at over a grand which we to do the whole thing ourselves with minimal effort and for less than 1/4 of the price, I can't see why sleepers was even a choice! Pre-drilled holes were exact, extra dowels were provided (thankfully!). Only thing you really need is a decent lump hammer. If there is one thing to mention it's that you prepare the ground properly. We used sand but it was a fair bit of a challenge due to the lumpy ground. Once it was built however, it sat nicely into the ground/sand and has not moved since.

    • Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear that delivery and installation was a nice smooth, process. If you have any questions about your new (or existing) project we will be here to help.

  • Multi Level Raised Bed / Length x Width x Height - 3375 x 949 x 450 mm Review

    • Excellent service from initial contact to construction. My only minor gripe is that the capping could of done with better instructions

      Excellent product looks great

    • Hi Ian,

      Thanks for the feedback and hope the capping is now looking good!


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